There are two things that I have been wanting to do for a while: go for dinner with my neighbours and eat at Tamam Fine Palestinian Cuisine. One magical evening, it happened. Okay, it was actually a dark and stormy night, but it was still awesome.

Double points if you know not only how we all know each other, but the finer connection we have...

Double points if you know not only how we all know each other, but the finer connection we have...

This location has been Tamam for a little over a year. Before that it has been a myriad of coffee shop that I will admit that I never went to, but I have always been intrigued by the sun porch area on the side of the building. As you walk down Hastings street you will know when you are getting close to Tamam because it smells AMAZING. 

I went into this evening with a lot of excitement as I have heard many good things about Tamam but I wasn't sure what to expect from fine Palestinian food. So we decided to pretty much eat everything.

It was all amazing. There was not one disappointing dish. If I have any criticisms, they are very fine points. I would have liked the Halloumi to be sliced a little thicker as it was shown on the website, but I would order it again! As a former vegan I have eaten my share of hummus, but Tamam's hummus kicks the ass of all the other hummouses I have eaten, combined. It was so delicious. I don't know what magic they used to make it so awesome. I would also have liked to know that the dishes are served with a side of beety, cabbage so that I could ask that they don't give me any. I have issues with cabbage. I did give it a try, to see if this was the day that I started to like cabbage. It was lemony and lighter than I had expected but I still do not like cabbage. Good to know for my return visits.

I am excited to go back during the summer so that I can sit in the solarium section. Sitting in the sun in my favourite neighbourhood, eating tasty, lovingly made food with my friends and neighbours. What a beautiful day that would be.