Sushi Nanaimo

Sushi Nanaimo has been recommended to me from the day it opened. It is surprising that it took so long for me to eat there. I think it is because I think of sushi as a lunch option, not dinner. Big M was in charge of choosing dinner this night and dinner sushi was his choice.


This is a joint that is always packed. I like the intimacy of the inside, although I do find that the tables are really close together. I enjoy long table dinners or eating with strangers, but on date night the people next to us seemed pretty close. 

We ordered a whole bunch of food.

I was a bit nervous about getting the food we ordered since the wait staff call (yell) the order to the kitchen and the kitchen seems to ignore them. Obviously there was nothing to worry about and we received all the food that we ordered. I can't remember what I ordered about 30 seconds after ordering it so this method always impresses me.

The food was plentiful and delicious. The sashimi was thick cut, but not awkwardly so. If the fish is too thick cut and therefore hard to chew, I always freak myself out thinking about trying to chew the uncooked flesh of a (hopefully) recently living fish. Then I stop eating it. No fleshy freak outs in this meal! 

Donburi is one of my favourite items and this one was good. The eggs came a bit undercooked for my liking but once mixed in they cooked up some more. Which is probably the point. I will admit to picking off the seaweed from the top of the dish before I ate it. I struggle with seaweed as I have traumatic childhood ocean issues (slimy!) and sometimes with sushi because of it. The menu didn't state that it was used as a garnish so instead of asking for them not to put it on, I just picked it off.

The Nanaimo roll was something else! Look at that roll! The deep fried potato on the top was awesome. We had not been here before so the size an impressiveness of this roll took us by surprise. For a "cheap" sushi place, the presentation of all the food was really impressive.