Sushi Nanaimo

Sushi Nanaimo has been recommended to me from the day it opened. It is surprising that it took so long for me to eat there. I think it is because I think of sushi as a lunch option, not dinner. Big M was in charge of choosing dinner this night and dinner sushi was his choice.


This is a joint that is always packed. I like the intimacy of the inside, although I do find that the tables are really close together. I enjoy long table dinners or eating with strangers, but on date night the people next to us seemed pretty close. 

We ordered a whole bunch of food.

I was a bit nervous about getting the food we ordered since the wait staff call (yell) the order to the kitchen and the kitchen seems to ignore them. Obviously there was nothing to worry about and we received all the food that we ordered. I can't remember what I ordered about 30 seconds after ordering it so this method always impresses me.

The food was plentiful and delicious. The sashimi was thick cut, but not awkwardly so. If the fish is too thick cut and therefore hard to chew, I always freak myself out thinking about trying to chew the uncooked flesh of a (hopefully) recently living fish. Then I stop eating it. No fleshy freak outs in this meal! 

Donburi is one of my favourite items and this one was good. The eggs came a bit undercooked for my liking but once mixed in they cooked up some more. Which is probably the point. I will admit to picking off the seaweed from the top of the dish before I ate it. I struggle with seaweed as I have traumatic childhood ocean issues (slimy!) and sometimes with sushi because of it. The menu didn't state that it was used as a garnish so instead of asking for them not to put it on, I just picked it off.

The Nanaimo roll was something else! Look at that roll! The deep fried potato on the top was awesome. We had not been here before so the size an impressiveness of this roll took us by surprise. For a "cheap" sushi place, the presentation of all the food was really impressive.


Le Do Vietnamese

If you ask 100 Vancouverites where the best bowl of Pho is, I am betting you would get 98 different answers. We have no shortage of awesome Vietnamese food in this city, and I am thankful for that. A meal in soup with noodles? Yes please!

Le Do Vietnamese is one of my favourites which, thankfully, happens to be in the East Village and therefore a stop on my all East Village restaurant tour!

Le Do Vietnamese front door

Le Do Vietnamese front door

This was not my first visit to Le Do so since this isn't a new restaurant experience, I wanted to try some new items.

Hu Tieu hoac Mi Bo Kho- Beef stew and egg noodle

Hu Tieu hoac Mi Bo Kho- Beef stew and egg noodle

Egg noodle close up

Egg noodle close up

I went with a soup I have had at other fine establishments- Beef stew with egg noodle- Hu tieu hoac Mi Bo Kho. No dissappointments with this soup. The broth was spicy and deep. I went with an egg noodle instead of a rice noodle which I enjoyed. Nice big chunks of carrot in the soup. Another fantastic soup.

Since I was in no hurry, I went with a Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk- Ca Phe Sua Nong. I have had a Vietnamese coffee made for me before, Big M was quite into them for a while and made them at home. I will admit that this was my first one and, other than knowing it takes a while to be done, I was a bit baffled by what to do when it arrived at the table.


Thankfully, my waitress was kind and walked me through the process of pouring the coffee. I LOVE a strong coffee and this is really the ideal strong coffee. The condensed milk is quite a treat as it is thick and sweet. My only complaint, and I know that this is my problem, is that I want to drink it so fast and I don't understand how anyone can hold the hot glass. I like a mug.


This was a perfect mid-winter meal. Deliciously spicy and hot soup with a thick, dreamy coffee. Go Le Do!


There are two things that I have been wanting to do for a while: go for dinner with my neighbours and eat at Tamam Fine Palestinian Cuisine. One magical evening, it happened. Okay, it was actually a dark and stormy night, but it was still awesome.

Double points if you know not only how we all know each other, but the finer connection we have...

Double points if you know not only how we all know each other, but the finer connection we have...

This location has been Tamam for a little over a year. Before that it has been a myriad of coffee shop that I will admit that I never went to, but I have always been intrigued by the sun porch area on the side of the building. As you walk down Hastings street you will know when you are getting close to Tamam because it smells AMAZING. 

I went into this evening with a lot of excitement as I have heard many good things about Tamam but I wasn't sure what to expect from fine Palestinian food. So we decided to pretty much eat everything.

It was all amazing. There was not one disappointing dish. If I have any criticisms, they are very fine points. I would have liked the Halloumi to be sliced a little thicker as it was shown on the website, but I would order it again! As a former vegan I have eaten my share of hummus, but Tamam's hummus kicks the ass of all the other hummouses I have eaten, combined. It was so delicious. I don't know what magic they used to make it so awesome. I would also have liked to know that the dishes are served with a side of beety, cabbage so that I could ask that they don't give me any. I have issues with cabbage. I did give it a try, to see if this was the day that I started to like cabbage. It was lemony and lighter than I had expected but I still do not like cabbage. Good to know for my return visits.

I am excited to go back during the summer so that I can sit in the solarium section. Sitting in the sun in my favourite neighbourhood, eating tasty, lovingly made food with my friends and neighbours. What a beautiful day that would be.

All the restaurants in my hood.

Well, I have mastered the internet and created a website that does not look like a 6 year old from 1987 created it. Thanks Squarespace!

And with a new year comes a new blog. You can still look at the stuff on the old blog , because really some of it is genius, but a new direction awaits. And that direction is up the street.

I recently went to a Tasting Plates Vancouver event for the East Village and I had so much fun! It made me notice that I have not spent that much time exploring my own neighbourhood. I have been to the hot spots, say your Red Wagon and Campagnolo Roma, but I have walked past the Sweet Tooth Café without ever giving it a glance. Did you know they have an amazing Thai menu in there? The Tom Yum soup blew me away.

So this gave me an idea. Eat at all the restaurants in the neighbourhood. Every one of them. I do realize that this will mean that I have a stop at the Burger King in the future, but it also means that I am going to Tamam: Fine Palestinian Cuisine, Laksa King and Le Do.

So, neighbours. Let's eat.