Clover Block.

Clover Block and me, trying to get to the food.

Clover Block is my grandmother's name. Isn't that awesome. I am using it to showcase the stuff I make, be it baked goods or hand crafted stuff.

Do I remember my grandmother doing much of this and hence named my collection of stuff in her memory? Well, no. I mostly remember her letting me use her cigarette machine to roll her cigs and that she used to always make that green aspic "salad" with shredded cabbage and carrots in it. I do have a strong affinity to Jell-O, but that is another story.

But, since all the DIY'ers are calling back to a more hand-made time and getting back to the land to live a more real life, I went with my grandmother's name. Because it is awesome.

If you want to talk about cakes, cookies, sewing or how Bon Jovi is the most amazing band in the world, now and forever, drop me a line at